Welcome to St Joseph’s College

St Joseph’s College is a Catholic 7-12 high school operated by St Joseph’s Parish, Tweed Heads, assisted by the Lismore Diocese Catholic Education Office.

SJC works closely with its parents and the community to fulfill the important role of educating the youth of the Tweed Heads region. Our motto, ‘Peace through Justice’ is modified from Pope Pius XII’s motto ‘Opus Justitiae Pax’ – The work of justice is peace. This original motto was taken up in 1939 at the outbreak of World War II. The motto transcends the circumstances of those times to inspire each of us through significant effort in our personal lives, to establish community at local and international levels. The dove of peace reinforces this message.

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2018 HSC Examinations

As a community, we keep our Year 12 students warmly in our thoughts and prayers as they commence their HSC Examinations. We trust that their time between the graduation and now has been highly productive.

God, we ask that our students feel your closeness during the HSC exam period. Give them calm hearts and quiet confidence in the knowledge that you hold them in the palm of your hand. Bless them with keen understanding and retentive memory. Give them the ability to grasp things correctly, be exact in their explanations and grant them the ability to express themselves clearly. Point out clearly the beginning, direct their progress and help them in the completion of each of their responses. Holy Spirit send them your gifts of wisdom and knowledge.

We ask this through Christ Our Lord.  Amen.

Creative Arts

Students at St Joseph’s College are given the chance to view the skills and techniques of our Visual Art and Media Art teachers and learn from them. They receive practical experience with a range of visual art materials, techniques and processes such as clay, fabric, canvas, charcoal and dye. Students also learn media production where they will design, produce and distribute digital art. This expands the student’s digital capabilities, improving their skills for many other subjects.

Students also have the opportunity to develop their creativity and self-expression through various art and media forms.

Senior Leaders 2017-2018

Mr Scott Thomson and Mr Guy Davoren, together with our Senior Leaders for 2017-2018.